Why Indian citizen should choose Vietnam visa on arrival?

Arrival Immigration in Noi Bai airport

It is mandatory for Indian passport holders to carry a visa to travel to Vietnam. A lot of Indians visit Vietnam for tourism and other purposes of business. Indians can get the Vietnam visa through following ways:

1. Through Embassy of Vietnam in India

This is quite a common procedure in which the visa is directly issued by the Vietnamese embassy for India. You can personally visit the embassy or engage the services of a reputed and professional travel agent to arrange the visa for you. It may take 4 to 6 working days to get your passport back with Vietnam visa stamped on it.

If you are an Indian passport holder who needs to visit Vietnam urgently, you might like to adapt a better and swifter option that is Vietnam visa on arrival.

2. Vietnam Visa On Arrival

This is 100% online process that does not require Indians to chase down the expensive and often deceitful travel agents. It also significantly reduces the visa issuance time from 6 days to just two days. Since it is an online process, Indians can apply for it from anywhere at any time. In a short time since the facility of online Vietnam visa is made available in India, it is much preferred by majority of Indians traveling to Vietnam because of following special features:

It Is Direct

Instead of going through agents, you directly obtain the Vietnam visa from Vietnamese embassy that cuts down the unnecessary cost paid as commissions.

It Is Simple

The online process is very streamlined. You simply need to fill an online application form with all the required information along with required copies of documents to receive a visa approval letter via registered email after your details are reviewed by the Vietnamese immigration department and after you have paid the applicable service charges to process your request. The issued approval letter works as visa to travel to Vietnam and the actual visa is stamped on your Indian passport as soon as you arrive at Vietnam international airport.

It Is Safer

Many fraudulent travel agents may try to dupe you and at the same time it may not always be safe to hand over important documents like your passport in the treacherous hands of travel agents. Through this online process, you can effectively omit all such scams.

It Is Cost Effective

Indians can save huge as they do not need to spend on traveling to Vietnam embassy and paying the hefty bills of ravenous agents.

Resource Box: In case you need to visit Vietnam for personal purposes of trade, tourism or education, you can easily apply for Vietnam visa online right here. http://www.vietnamvisa.in/visa-fees/

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