Vietnam visa for India – My real experience

Vietnam visa for India

If Indian citizens are on the go to prepare a visa to visit Vietnam, I think my real experience is perfectly helpful.

In this early year, I came to decision to spend my family summer trip in a fresh and beautiful country named Vietnam. I know that it is strange to me; I need everything is well-arranged beforehand my trip then I started preparing all. I went to Tripadvisor to collect information about this new country and nearly all was opened to me; but Vietnam visa was not.

There are many different information which made me confused; some shared that Indian cannot take visa on arrival; some advised Indian should go to embassy to get visa; while others stated that they had to pay an extra fee to get visa on arrival. How should I have to do? I started to send my question about Vietnam visa on arrival for Indian to many Vietnam visa websites with an aim to find the answer as well as evaluate the professionalism they have.

It is so luckily for me, thanks god, I found EVIVA – a travel agency in Vietnam, they answered my question so quickly, fully, correctly with K.I.S.S style. They confirmed that they can support me to get Vietnam visa on arrival as other countries with the same fee, no higher. It brought me a big impression and then I decided to put full trust on them, I finally applied visa on arrival through them. Eviva do not let me down also; under only 1 working days they sent me approval letter even I paid for standard processing of 2 working days. It is so quick; but above all, their follow-up with detailed instruction is the best.

Then I decided to use another service named fast-track to boost up my stamp procedure upon arrival more smoothly and promptly. Once again, I was fallen by their friendly and professional service. Their assistant with open smiling welcomed and led me to do all in very short time.

You might be said that visa is so small, and I needn’t feel to be in fantastic as I showed. But in fact, if you have the experience about the confusing, difficulty and worry, I think you will share the same feeling as I did. I thank Eviva Tour so much for their caring and professional services and I believe that

if I have a chance to come back Vietnam again, I will use Eviva service again and again.

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