Repatriation procedures for Vietnamese living in Iran


Recently, the situation of the COVID-19 epidemic in the Middle East is still quite tense and complicated, including Iran. The number of cases is still increasing day by day at a rapid rate, which has greatly affected people’s lives. Faced with that situation, Vietnamese people currently living in Iran are looking forward to returning to their homeland. If you are in the above case, follow this article to understand the procedure for repatriation to Vietnam.

Priority objects for repatriation

  • The employee has an expired contract, lost his job, no longer has income (for 2-3 months or more), but the employer has no conditions to support;
  • Students under 18 years old or international students who have completed the course have difficulty in accommodation/extension of stay;
  • People over 60 years old with underlying medical conditions;
  • Entrepreneurs, intellectuals who are Vietnamese, citizens on short-term exit, are stuck in difficulties due to no place to live, no financial inability, and other particularly difficult circumstances;
  • People who travel, visit relatives are stuck;
  • Pregnant women.

Conditions for applying for repatriation

  • Have a document proving Vietnamese nationality or dual nationality and hold a Vietnamese passport;
  • An agency or relative in Vietnam agrees to act as a guarantee for;
  • Have a passport valid for at least 6 months;
  • Clear political attitudes;
  • Have the ability to secure life in Vietnam after repatriation;
  • Have a negative test for Covid-19 72 hours before boarding (in English);
  • Have a medical quarantine plan when returning home.

Documents to prepare

  • An application form to return to Vietnam according to the form;
  • 3 newly taken 4×6 photos, 2 photos pasted on the application, 1 photo with full name on the back to serve for the issuance of the Passport;
  • A scanned copy of passport or valid document instead of passport (present the original for comparison). In case of holding a Iran passport, there must be a written certification from the Vietnamese Embassy in Iran that it has registered as a Vietnamese citizen;
  • The guarantee form of the relative certified by the People’s Committee of the ward or commune;
  • Papers proving or explaining the relationship of the same family with the sponsor (for the person applying for repatriation sponsored by a relative);
  • Guarantee document (signed and stamped) of heads of ministerial-level agencies, Government-attached agencies, People’s Committees of provinces, and centrally-run cities (for repatriation applicant, guaranteed by a Vietnamese agency).

The process of applying for a permit to enter Vietnam

Currently, there are 2 ways to carry out repatriation procedures to Vietnam:

Apply for repatriation through the Vietnamese Embassy in Iran

Step 1: Finding a possible flight to Vietnam

Step 2: Preparing all necessary documents as prescribed

Step 3: Submit the application to the Vietnamese Embassy in the host country/Immigration Administration Department or the Ministry of Public Security, the Public Security Department of a province or centrally run city in Vietnam, and pay the prescribed fee.

Step 4: After receiving the entry letter, you need to book a plane ticket, book an quarantine hotel, and transport a car from the airport to the quarantine hotel.

Step 5: Taking a Covid-19 test 72 hours before boarding, test again upon entry at Vietnam airport.

Step 6: Moving to the booked hotel and perform a 14-day quarantine there following the State’s regulations (costs for quarantine services will be borne by you).

Apply for repatriation through a visa service company

This option will help you carry out the procedures for repatriation more easily than the first option. You just need to find and contact a reputable visa service company, prepare all the necessary documents, and the company will support you to do all the rest.

Above is an article about repatriation procedures for Vietnamese living in Iran. Wishing you a safe return home soon.

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