Experience with getting Vietnam Emergency Visa in really urgent case

Vietnam Emergency Visa

The story below is about how I got an Emergency visa to come back to Vietnam. I think it would help someone out there who might be in an urgent case like me.

First of all, I want to introduce myself a bit. My name is Brian Nguyen and was born in Vietnam. For some reason related to my family, from the age of 6, I have come abroad with my father for 12 years since I was 6 years old. Now I’m based in New Jersey. Every summer and winter break, I have usually come back Hanoi to visit my mom and my big sister.

There was a special thing in the summer of 2018, my sister announced the good news to the whole family that she was first pregnant! Everything was great until April 2019, my mother suddenly called me that my sis had ruptured amniotic fluid and we were about to have an official grandchild! That’s so awesome.

I called my dad immediately to discuss it, and my father decided to take a few days off from school for me. We would go back to Vietnam right now because this could be considered as one of the big days for my family.

After that happy moment, we realized that we were stuck in a serious rush. My sister could give birth at any time so we wanted to get our visa and get home as quickly as possible, meanwhile, the flight from New Jersey takes up to 17 hours. We knew we would not have time to go to Embassy of Vietnam in Washington D.C as well as E-visa (as I know E-visa will take at least 3 days to process, and I do have that much time). We thought about the last option: Emergency Visa.

We split our work in half to do it quickly: My father was responsible for the purchase of air tickets and luggage preparation, and I was responsible for the visa. This was the first time, therefore, I had to search online and hoped to find out some useful information about emergency visa service. No longer after that, I felt bewildered over not knowing which one was reliable, as there are a ton of companies provided this kind of service on the internet. Their price mostly up to $50, even $60 to get my visa on time, how could that be expensive??

After an intense panic attack, among the heaps of companies, I found a website of a company called Vietnamvisa.org.vn. I wasn’t sure about them at first, I thought it would be like those firms. But when I read on their website, their price is much more affordable than the others, I only needed 20$ to get a visa approval sent to my email after 4 hours (have to admit I was really relieved when I saw this price). Thus, I gave them a try after consulting with my father.

He contacted their staff, told them our emergency case. Then he filled all necessary information into an application form as their wholehearted instruction, and wait. We were a bit worried in the meantime, we didn’t know whether we could come back to Vietnam in time or not and wonder how my sis was doing?,… A pile of questions popped up in my mind. And you know what? Just one next hour, they sent us Visa Approval Letters back! Hard to believe right? But it’s happened to me. Their service is so more than we expected.

Finally, me and my dad managed to get a visa and returned in time when my nephew was born more than hours. It was the happiest moment for all of my family. Thanks again to Vietnamvisa.org.vn team who helped us get home just at the right time to enjoy this greatness.

(by Brian Nguyen)

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