What is the total cost for a Vietnam visa on arrival?

There are two kinds of fee to be paid by anyone who use a visa on arrival to Vietnam, which are:

Service fee: is the fee you pay directly to Vietnamvisa.in for handling all procedures with the Vietnam Immigration Department to return the visa approval letter to your registered email. This fee varies depending on the number of applicants in your visa application as well as which kind of service you wish to use (normal, urgent or super-urgent processing). Please see our Visa Fees page for detailed prices for each type of visa.

Stamping fee: is the fee you pay directly in cash to the Immigration Officer at the Vietnam airport to get visa stamped onto your passport. Stamping fee can be paid in USD, AUD, VND, etc. but USD is highly recommended to avoid any unbalanced exchange rate. The current applicable stamping fee is:
– 25 USD for one 1 month or 3 month single entry visa;
– 50 USD for one 1 month multiple entry visa (less than 30 days);
– 135 USD for one 1 year multiple entry visa.

For detail information, please access to https://vietnamvisa.in/visa-cost/