6 essential documents before traveling to Vietnam

Passport United States


First and foremost, I want to talk about Vietnam visa. Because if you do not come from the exempted countries, the visa is the first thing you need to prepare. Applying for a visa is one of the most time-consuming steps to travel abroad. There is much helpful information posting on the internet that you can search for. But finding some companies to efficiently and quickly apply for the Vietnam visa is not easy. Some people said that the processing time for applying for the Vietnam visa of a few companies is short but they are not supported in emergent situations. There are few well-known websites such as Eviva Tour, Getvisavietnam.com are recommended because of their professional service and in-time customer services To be honest, I have not ever checked those services because I’m Vietnamese but many foreign friends told me that.


Whether you come from anywhere, your passport will have to be ready before visiting Vietnam. Passport validity is at least 6 months from the day you enter Vietnam,you should check it carefully before your trip. Furthermore, you should duplicate the passport and keep it as well as save the soft copy on your phone. In case you are unlucky to lose the passport, the copy is the best replacement.


You should prepare at least some dollars for the Vietnam visa stamping fee because a few of Vietnam’s international airports only accept paying by the dollar. Or you can keep more dollars to convert to VND at the airport for paying the taxi from the airport to your hotels.

#Travel Insurance

Travel insurance is responsible for some problems such as medical emergencies, canceling the tour and so on. You can buy travel insurance or not, it is up to you. I always hope you have a safe and happy Vietnam trip but you know that everything can happen so you should carefully consider this problem.

#Flight ticket

You will miss the flight if you forget to bring your flight ticket or do not save its soft copy. Even though some airlines offer the online check-in service, you still should be at the airport early to have time to spare.

#Your international driver’s license

If you plan a motorbike road trip in Vietnam, this will be a great way to explore this country. But you remember to bring your international driver’s license, it is an essential document when the traffic police requires it.

Hope you will have wonderful days in our Vietnam.